in yeAR 2020

First Concert

Somervell Presbyterian Church - Auckland

Date: 12 Dec., 2020 (Saturday)

497 Remuera Rd, Remuera, Auckland

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Second Concert

Taiwanese Presbyterian Church - Auckland

Date: 20 Dec., 2020 (Sunday) 

158 Pakuranga Rd. Pakuranga, Auckland


Third Concert

St. Peter's Cathedral Hamilton

Date: 27 Dec., 2020 (Sunday) 

51 Victoria Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton


gallery - year 2020 

Gallery - Year 2019


福爾摩沙弦樂團成立於2018年七月,期望能集合愛好室內樂的愛樂者一起來成就一個能演奏各種音樂的室內樂團。 目前樂團成員都是台灣移民子弟,其中有高中生、奧大音樂系學生、高中老師、律師、醫師,以及在各行業高就的人士,他們定期利用假日,聚會練習台灣及西洋樂曲。
The Formosa Chamber Orchestra was founded in July 2018 with a goal of gathering all of chamber music lovers to work together to form a chamber orchestra that can play all kinds of music.
Presently the members of the orchestra are the second generation of Taiwanese immigrants, including high school student, student from the School of Music at University of Auckland, high school teacher, lawyers, general practitioners and people from all walks of life.
We are looking forward to seeing you as the chamber music lovers or players to join us to achieve this wonderful task! 
傅一清  Victor Fuller

Victor Fuller was a dentist in Taiwan, viola leader of Taipei Century Symphony Orchestra in Taiwan, in 1975 was chosen as a member of International Youth Orchestra in Aberdeen, Scotland, joined in Auckland Symphony Orchestra in 1991. He formed Formosa Chamber Orchestra in 1996 till 2002. But, in 2018, he re-established Formosa Chamber Orchestra again and had two concerts in February 2019. He had conducted Taiwanese Physician Chamber Orchestra, Auckland Symphony Orchestra and Formosa Chamber Orchestra.

吳彥諄 Albert Wu

Albert is currently working as a general practice doctor in the North Shore. Born in 1989, he moved to New Zealand when he was 5 and has been playing violin since.
Previous orchestra experience includes concertmaster in his high school orchestra and the Medical and Health Science Student Symphony Orchestra at the University of Auckland, and many years with the Auckland Youth Orchestra.
In addition to his commitment to Formosa Chamber, Albert also performs with the New Zealand Doctor’s Orchestra.
His favourite classical music piece is Piano concerto no.2 by Rachmaninov.
Albert is an avid tennis player, passionate Roger Federer fan, and coaches in his spare time. 

林宏家 Bryan Lin

Bryan has been learning both the violin and piano since childhood and is currently studying piano at the University of Auckland. He loves playing in music ensembles and performing for the people in the community such as for the Tzu Chi Foundation as well as a variety of retirement villages.
Bryan is a fellow violinist in the University of Auckland Symphony Orchestra, Auckland University Student Chamber Orchestra and the Auckland Youth Orchestra, which he also takes on the role of AYO's assistant manager.
Outside of playing music, Bryan teaches violin and piano. In his spare time, he enjoys finding new places to hike with friends and family as well as wasting away half his life in the world of Youtube.

吳峻銘 Jimmy Wu

Jimmy first came to New Zealand when he was 5 years old, and started learning to play violin at 7 under the tutelage of Victor Fuller. His original motivation for playing the violin as a child was to be like the buskers he saw making money at various shopping malls and street sides. Since then, he became a bit more proficient with the instrument, and was involved with various music groups throughout college. After a lengthy hiatus during university, Jimmy jumped at the chance to play with an ensemble again in the Formosa Chamber Orchestra and enjoys it immensely.

顏夢槿 Meg Yen

Growing up in Tauranga, Meg was a very involved member of the Tauranga music community including years of being 2nd violin principle of Bay Of Plenty Symphony Orchestra, NZCT chamber music regional winners, Bay Of Plenty young achiever award, Bay Of Plenty symphony orchestra concerto competition (winner), achieved LTCL distinction in violin. She pursued a carer in medicine and is now working as a GP in South Auckland. She enjoys playing in the NZ Doctors Orchestra and Formosa Chamber Orchestra.

郭怡君 Angie Guo

Angie began learning the violin since a young age and had been involved in various school chamber ensembles and orchestra.
After many years, she has picked up the violin again and rediscovered her passion in music through being part of the Formosa Chamber Orchestra.
She currently works as a Dentist in the North Shore and enjoys painting and playing table tennis in her spare time.

陳敬軒 William Chen

William is a Taiwanese born Kiwi educator with a background in ecological research. He currently teaches Biology at Auckland Grammar School where he is also Master in Charge of Pasifika Achievement.

In his spare time, William enjoys tramping, drawing and podcasting about movies. He plays the trombone, violin and ukulele. William has been a member of the Auckland Youth Orchestra, the Auckland Wind Orchestra, the University of Minnesota Pep Band and Sir Ben's Celtic Ensemble. His favourite chamber piece is Boccherini's La Musica Notturna delle Strade di Madrid. 

陳敬椽 Edward Chen

Edward is a Taiwanese born and New Zealand educated trade mark lawyer with a background in commercial law. The majority of Edward’s work concerns trade mark law and practice, with a particular focus on registering and clearing trade marks for use in Mandarin-speaking countries.
Being proficient in Mandarin and English, Edward puts his bi-lingual skills to good use advising New Zealand clients on trade mark issues in China and Taiwan, and advising Chinese clients on Australasian trade mark and legal issues.
When he isn’t working, Edward likes playing soccer, tennis, travelling and maintaining his prowess in piano, violin and clarinet. 

天悦 Marco Schneider

Marco Schneider enjoys playing the viola for the Formosa Chamber Orchestra. A musician since the age of three, he has been involved in a number of orchestras including the United Youth Orchestra (leader), Auckland Grammar School Symphony Orchestra (leader), Auckland Youth Orchestra (1st violin), and chamber groups including the O-Prague Quintet (1st violin), Bartholdy Trio (violin), and Die Feuerzigeuner (viola). As such, Marco has benefited from the musical instruction from a number of some remarkable musicians including Victor Fuller, Cecilia Worth, Lara Hall, Trudi Miles, Dr PY (Nelson) Wu, and Jack Glatzer.

林稚庭 Jasper Lin

Jasper is a Year 13 student at St Mary’s College. She has been playing the violin since the age of 6 and has been playing the viola since year 8. Her experience includes attending the APO summer school workshop for 5 years, being a member of the Auckland Youth Orchestra for 3 years, and also leading the St Mary’s College orchestra and chamber orchestra. She also participated at the 2014 WAPAC and SAPAC and received an award for being the Most Promising Junior String Player. In 2019, Jasper received an award for being the Most Promising Senior String Player for both WAPAC and SAPAC. Jasper was also accepted into the NZSO Mentoring Programme in 2017 and was mentored by violist Peter Barber. In 2019, Jasper was mentored by NZSO’s violinist Gregory Squire.

謝蓉萱 Mina Hsieh

Mina is a dedicated musician who enjoys playing for the community as well as teaching as a piano teacher at a primary school. She started playing piano at the age of 4. She also took an interest in playing the cello and the Chinese flute later on in her musical life. She performed at her very own piano concert and achieved LTCL as a pianist. She is currently preparing for her FTCL piano performance.
Mina has been actively involved in performing at several cultural events such as the WTV Chinese New Year celebration, Mid-Autumn Festival,and CCTV’s Chinese Spring Gala with her former band, Sunrise Ensemble, where she took on the role as the pianist and the composer for both Chinese and Western instruments.

林宏瀚 Benjamin Lin

Ben is currently working as a Project Engineer at Higgins Contractors, previously specialising in asphalt & surfacing, recently moving into the civil construction department. He has been involved in many construction projects in SH16, SH22, Paremoremo Prison, Auckland Airport, Ports of Auckland, and many subdivisions, roads and car parks.
Ben has been playing the cello since 2000. He has played with a multitude of orchestras, bands for musicals, piano trios and string quartets.
In order to satiate his passion for music he plays with the Auckland Youth Orchestra and Formosa Chamber Orchestra as well as playing in rest homes and weddings. 

何蕙君 Joyce Ho
  • Graduated major of Bachelor Music in Victoria University

  • Been a Piano, flute and singing teacher for more than 20 years.

  • Host He-Jia Originality House perform group from 2005~

  • Conductor and pianist in the choir of New Zealand Hakka society more than 10 years. 

吳宏哲 Tony Hong-Che Wu

MFA(Music/Orchestral Conducting) of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). He had been conductor of Taipei County Symphony Orchestra (2006), Taipei Century Youth Orchestra (2001~2014), Taipei Municipal XinSheng Elementary School String Orchestra (2000~2019), Taipei Municipal DaAn Junior High School String Orchestra (2000~2019), Sun Taipei Symphony Orchestra (2015~2019), and also the music director of New Taipei Municipal AnXi Junior High School Symphonic Band (2012~2019). He conducted Taipei Municipal DaAn Junior High School String Orchestra and ten times won the outstanding grade and 1st prize in Taiwan National Music Competition from 2010 to 2019. In 2011, Tony and DaAn String Orchestra won the prize of Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival and be invited to perform in the Goldener Saal of Vienna Austria.
Tony also majored in violin performance in music department of NTNU. He was the violin member of Asian Youth Orchestra (1993), the concertmaster of Taipei County Symphony Orchestra and Taipei Century Symphony Orchestra, the second violin leader of Quanta Philharmonic Orchestra. He had also joined the performance of National Symphony Orchestra (Taiwan) and Taipei Symphony Orchestra.
He has settled in Hamilton from 2019. Recently he is the teacher of string program and orchestra in Hillcrest Normal School, and also the workshop teacher of Saint Kentigern College Orchestra.     

許牧慈 Marjorie Mu-Tzu Hsu

Dr. Marjorie Mu-Tzu Hsu
Ph. D (Specialized in Musicology), National Taiwan Normal University.

Until 2017 August she worked as an assistant professor of National Dong Hwa University in Taiwan, teaching Western Music History, Chinese and Taiwanese Traditional Music History, Musicology, Research Methodology, Folk songs Seminar, Fundamental Musicianship training, etc. She was also the adjunct assistant professor of National Taiwan Normal University and Taipei National University of the Arts, teaching Traditional Pipa Performance.

Recently Marjorie take her residence in Hamilton. She teaches in Hillcrest Normal School keyboard program and be the conductor of Hillcrest Normal School Orchestra. She also has many performances and participation in various cultural communities in New Zealand. 

former members

牛倞芠 Sandy Niu

Sandy Niu is currently studying at the University of Auckland completing the fourth year of her conjoint degree of Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Music (learning under Stephen Larsen). Sandy has been involved in several orchestras and ensembles including the NZSO National Youth Orchestra, Auckland Youth Orchestra, The University of Auckland Symphony Orchestra and Napier Symphony Orchestra. Sandy has also played in musicals, jazz graduate recitals and recording studios. Sandy also plays the French horn. She enjoys playing music with her friends in her spare time and being a violin teacher at Howick School of Music. 

蔡立 Lisa Tsai

Lisa migrated to NZ when she was 5 and started learning violin since. During her intermediate and high school years, she was involved in many musical groups and became the assistant concertmaster of her school orchestra in Year 13. Lisa played violin in the Auckland Youth Orchestra for almost three years before moving overseas for work. She moved back to NZ in 2015 to pursue her MSc in Geography at The University of Auckland. When the opportunity arose to join Formosa Chamber Orchestra in 2018, Lisa was very happy and grateful because she got to reconnect with Taiwanese Kiwi friends and play music together again.


Formosa Chamber Music Festival 2020

Date: 12 December (Saturday) / 03:00pm~05:00pm
Venue: Greenlane Somerville Presbyterian Church
              497 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland
  1. Mozart Divertimento KV 136, 3 movements
  2. J. Suk Serenade, 1st Movement
  3. Triptyque
  4. 淡水  春風  暮色
  5. 望春風 補破網

 -------- Intermission --------

  1. 阿里山之歌
  2. Elgar Serenade, 3 movements
  3. 歡喜就好
  4. 滿山春色 雨傘調
  5. 心向天明 (Towards Dawn)

Formosa Chamber Music Festival 2020

Date: 20 December (Sunday) / 03:00pm~05:00pm
Venue: Pakuranga Taiwanese Presbyterian Church
             158 Pakuranga Road, Pakuranga, Auckland 
  1. Mozart Divertimento KV 136, 3 movements
  2. J. Suk Serenade, 1st Movement
  3. Triptyque
  4. 淡水  春風  暮色
  5. 望春風 補破網

 -------- Intermission --------

  1. 阿里山之歌
  2. Elgar Serenade, 3 movements
  3. 歡喜就好
  4. 滿山春色 雨傘調
  5. 心向天明 (Towards Dawn)


Ticket information: 

東區: 台灣基督教長老教會 576-5134,  2:30pm 以前
中區: 傅一清 021-104 4717   529-1207  
北區: 郭三榮 027-263 1488
西區: 許貴玉 021-727245
漢密爾頓: 謝倫華 07-8561800   閻嘉玲 07-8547288
Ticket sales contact:
Eastern District: Auckland Taiwanese Presbyterian Church                                        576-5134, before 2:30pm
Central District: Victor Fuller 021-104 4717 / 529-1207
North District: Simon Kuo 027-263 1488
West District: Kueiyu Schneider-Hsu 021-727245
Hamilton: Cher 07-8561800    Regina 07-8547288 
Ticket: $10


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